How much does it cost to use the WeekDay Space website?

If you are a potential lodger, searching for a room and creating a lodger advert on WeekDay Space is completely free. Creating a lodger ad means that landlords can come to you!

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. If you are a potential lodger and are looking for a room in your chosen location from Monday to Friday, all you have to do is search, and when you have found a room you are interested in, sign up and contact the landlord. We have an easy to use “Make and Offer/Messaging” form so that you can advise the landlord of your budget, required number of nights and tell them a little bit about yourself. You will be able to communicate with the owner, ask questions and agree on rental terms. It is free and very easy for you to sign up and contact the owner of the listing.

Or, you can create a listing which describes you and what you’re looking for and potential landlords can contact you if they think they may have a suitable space.

What are the advantages of renting a WeekDay space?

WeekDay Space offers rooms to rent Monday to Friday. Since they are not for the full week, they typically cost around 30% less than full-time room lets and are significantly cheaper than B&Bs or hotels. If you rent a room for five nights, you get home comforts that you would miss in a hotel. If you are currently commuting some distance, renting a WeekDay Space gives you that time back to spend as you wish.

Are my personal details kept private?

Yes. We do not divulge your personal details to anyone. Please see our privacy policy for more information. We use your personal information internally for statistical analysis but never give it to a third party.

What happens if I lose my login details?

You can retrieve your lost login details on the login page.

How do I contact a landlord?

Simply sign in and then use the message facility on the listing.

How do I report an abusive or offensive advert?

Please report any issues you feel you should bring to our attention either via a specific ad or the “contact us” page.

How do I protect myself from scammers?

Always make contact through the website. Scammers will always try to get you to converse with them via email off the website so as to avoid the safety of the platform/evade being reported etc. Also never pay or transfer money before inspecting a property or to courier keys, deposit etc. If you are unable to view a property in person, a video call is the best way to see it and meet potential flatmates. Scammers will never offer or accept a video call.

How can I keep my information private?

We have designed the messaging system on to make communication safe. When you are proceeding to an inspection, you can exchange contact details via the message system. Never send copies of your identification, bank details or login details to anyone you have not met.

What shoud I consider when attending a property inspection?

Inspecting the property is a crucial step to finding the right space. For handy hints and tips on what to consider when meeting a potential landlord please download our Checklist for meeting a potential landlord. You should never agree to, or place a deposit on, a property you have not seen. Prior to inspecting the space, ensure you get the complete address and contact details of the person you’re meeting. Let a friend or family member know where you are going and how long you should be. Take your time during the inspection and don’t feel pressured into making an immediate decision. If you need more time, let the landlord know you’d like to think about it. If you feel uncomfortable, uncertain or consider the listing to be a misrepresentation, you should leave immediately and let the team know via the report link. If you feel more comfortable, you may choose to take someone with you.

What areas of the country does WeekDay Space cover?

WeekDay Space has launched in Sydney with plans to expand into other areas in the future.

Do I need to advise my insurer if my belongings will be in a different location Monday to Friday?

Yes, it is wise to speak to your insurer to ensure your belongings are covered both when you are at home and away.

What is a landlord-lodger agreement and why is it important?

The landlord-lodger agreement is a document which sets out the “house rules” as well as important information such as emergency contact numbers and the details of the financial arrangements you have agreed upon. A landlord must always produce a landlord-lodger agreement for you to sign.