How much does it cost to list my spare room on WeekDay Space?

To list your spare room and start earning you only have to invest as little as $24.95 for a Basic Listing! To really boost the attention your listing will get, you can purchase a Premium Listing which will put you higher up in the search and ensure your listing is included in regular emails to potential lodgers.

Basic Listings: available to view by everyone who visits the site. Unlimited messages from interested parties.

Special Offer – 6 week basic listing $24.95

Premium Listing Adverts are highlighted listings that appear at the top of the search results and included in regular emails to potential lodgers interested in your area.

Special Offer – Unlimited listing time $39.95 – list it until you find someone!

We also have a corporate offer suited to landlords with multiple rooms or who are looking for short term lodgers – list your room on a monthly basis for only $19.95. There is the option to renew so you can easily re-list each month.

How do I get started?

If you want to turn your spare space into spare cash while having your place to yourself on weekends, then we are here to help. We have also created a handy Landlord’s Guide you can access here with a bunch of hints and tips to getting started. It’s easy to place your listing – simply sign up, fill in the listing form, then choose a basic or premium listing. You can start receiving enquiries straight away! You can also try searching lodger listings to see if there might be a suitable lodger for you and your property.

Which areas are popular for weekday lodging?

Weekday lodgers want to stay near their workplace or place of study during the week. High demand areas are a short, easy commute to a work hub or place of study (by foot, car or public transport). For example, a spare room within 5km of the CBD is a weekday lodging hotspot!

Are my personal details kept private?

Yes. We do not divulge your personal details to anyone. Please see our privacy policy for more information. We only use your personal information internally for statistical analysis and never give it to a third party.

How can I make my advert stand out?

If you choose a premium or corporate listing, this will help you appear higher in the search results. It’s a good idea to include good photos in your advert. Advertisers who do this are more likely to get more positive responses from lodgers. The listing page for landlords includes helpful tips on composing a good advert, and in general, the more information you provide, the greater the appeal.

What happens if I lose my login details?

You will be able to retrieve your login details on the login page.

Are my credit card details safe?

We use Stripe as our payment partner. This company submits to audits by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry (so it’s very safe)!

What do you recommend when people are inspecting my property?

For handy hints and tips on what to consider when meeting a potential lodger please download our  Checklist for meeting a potential weekday lodger. Make sure you have the full name and details of the person visiting and advise a friend or neighbour of the inspection. You may wish to have someone else present at this time. If you need time to make a decision, let the prospective lodger know you’d like to think about it. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain, you should ask the person(s) to leave immediately and let the team know via the report link.

What do I need to do when I wish to remove my advert?

If you have found a lodger and no longer wish to advertise with us, go into your listing once logged into your account and mark it as closed.

How do I change my advert?

Easy, simply log in and navigate to your personal home page where you will see a copy of your advert and may amend it.

How do I ensure my personal safety?

It is your own responsibility to take adequate precautions when meeting strangers. You should also conduct thorough reference checks before agreeing to a lodger moving into your home.

How much extra income can I make?

This depends on location, scarcity and the size and quality of room offered. Browsing some of our adverts in your local area will give you a good idea as to the amount you can charge, obviously a 5 night arrangement would be less to rent than a 7 night arrangement.

What are the advantages of taking in a lodger?

Well, there’s the extra income of course. However, there are other benefits. You may like the company it offers or the added security, for example.

Are there any disadvantages?

There are surprisingly few downsides when you decide to rent a room Monday to Friday. The thing to bear in mind with a standard lodger agreement is that the lodger always has the right to be in your home on weekdays. We designed WeekDay Space specifically for people who want the best of both worlds.

Do I need to keep tax records?

Yes, you need to keep records for tax because you will need to declare the income.

Will my house insurance policy be enough?

It’s unlikely that your existing home insurance policy will cover you when taking in a lodger. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider to find out more.

I rent my house – will I still be able to take in a lodger?

You may be able to rent out a room to a lodger, but you will need to check the terms of your tenancy agreement.

What house rules, should I set?

Realistically you need to compromise with the person you are sharing with, but it is your home. Make sure you cover any potential issues in your agreement such as days they will lodge, bills included, noise, appropriate behaviour, leaving personal items behind on weekends etc.

What furnishings should I provide if renting out a room?

The obvious ones are a bed, wardrobe, dresser and bedside table, but also consider the specific needs of the lodger, for example a desk may be requested.

What are the health and safety issues?

You need to provide a safe environment for your lodger. To ensure this, you will need to arrange for a full range of gas and electricity checks. You will also need to have fire alarms in good working order. Please ensure that you thoroughly research your obligations as landlord before allowing a lodger to move into your property.

What areas of the country does Weekday Space cover?

WeekDay Space has just launched in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with plans to expand into other areas in the future.

How do I know I will be able to get on with my lodger?

Don’t rent your spare room to someone you are unsure about. In addition to performing background checks, listen to your gut instinct. Try to have a friend or partner with you when you meet any prospective lodger and listen to their thoughts on the person as well.

What is a landlord-lodger agreement and why is it important?

The landlord-lodger agreement is a document which sets out the “house rules” as well as important information such as emergency contact numbers and the details of the financial arrangements you have agreed upon. It is incumbent on you to produce a landlord-lodger agreement for a lodger and ensure that both parties sign it. You should be able to reuse agreements with little modification, from lodger to lodger.

Where do I find a tenancy agreement template that I can use for my new WeekDay lodger?

You can find a tenancy agreement and other forms and relevant information for landlords on your state regulatory body website:

NSW Fair Trading – Completing a Tenancy Agreement and checklist for landlords 

Queensland Residential tenancies authority – General tenancy agreement 

Consumer Affairs Victoria – Tenancy agreement for rented premises