As featured on LinkedIn for International Day of Happiness

Recently I embarked on a “side gig”, co-founding a share economy platform called WeekDay Space. Perfect for people looking to escape a long commute, Weekday Space connects people with a comfortable room to stay in Monday to Friday so they can return to the place they love to live on weekends.

Today we are fortunate to have an awareness of what aids in our well-being and happiness. Well-being is very much tied to social connection, having a place to escaping the “busyness” of everyday life and taking the time to do things that rebuild us such as exercise and spending time with friends.

I love that our platform allows professional lodgers to connect with someone who is providing them with a “home away from home”, doing away with their long commute and reclaiming this time for things they truly enjoy. The inspiration behind this idea a belief in the importance of a good work/life balance. Not just talking about it but doing it!

Why My Job Gives Me Joy

My entrepreneurial role as a Co-Founder allows me to positively impact people’s quality of life; and making the most of life is what I am all about! After living overseas for six years I had a renewed appreciation for the quality of life we have in Australia, but the concentration of jobs is really in the major cities. I am passionate about the idea that you should be able to live somewhere you really want to live, as well as have a job that you love. I think WeekDay Space is a platform that gives people another way to achieve this. Being a part of building something like this is pretty amazing.

Apart from knowing that my work is contributing to a bigger purpose, what really makes it easy to get out of bed is that I work with great people! Having that social connection at my work and in my business with people that I enjoy spending time with is really important, because it adds life to your work.

Being happy is often about your own perception. Moving around a lot as a child, studying, travelling and experiencing different cultures and workplaces made me realise that people from all walks of life experience bumps in the road. I am a very goal driven person but sometimes you need to change the rules as to what needs to happen in your life to be happy. If you wake up in the morning and you and your loved ones are safe and healthy then that’s a great day! Striving for things in your life is natural but you have to enjoy the journey as well.

Remembering Life

I will celebrate the International Day of Happiness by being grateful for the things that make me happy, including sharing food with workmates and spending time with family. Doing something nice for someone in secret is also on the “to do list”, along with my favourite after work happiness boosting activity; dancing!

I think International Happiness Day is a great opportunity for business owners to recognise that the environment we create for people makes a big difference in their lives. At the age of 23, during a job interview with Microsoft, I took the risky approach by telling the truth and said: “I would hope that in 5 years’ time I am doing something that makes me happy”. To my surprise, I got the job and it inspired me that someone in such a traditional business context understood that happiness is also important. Celebrating happiness and recognising it as a necessity will lead to a greater work ethic and life balance for your team. So, join me in celebrating International Happiness Day!