You made it! After long twelve years of schooling, you’re out, ready to start the next chapter of your life. As you embark on life beyond school, you’ll be hit by the number of decisions, big and small, you face.

For those of you going to university, many will need to decide on the best accommodation option for your circumstances.

There are a number considerations when deciding on the right accommodation. If your family don’t live close to campus, then ideally you’d of course want to find a place that is, rather than commuting for hours each day. Renting and setting up a new home doesn’t come cheap though.

If you’re in the situation where you’re looking at a considerable daily commute to and from campus, but your family home is not too far to return each weekend, you should consider weekday accommodation.

Weekday accommodation has three big benefits:

  1. Weekday accommodation is cheaper than a full-time rental

Typically, a weekday room will come furnished, meaning you’ll be up for a lot less in terms of set up costs for furniture and household items. You can also expect to pay around 70% of the cost of a full time rental. There’s even reduced travel costs and maybe even a couple of free home cooked meals on the weekend to consider!

  1. Ensure you enjoy the best of both of worlds, new and old

While uni and all the socialising that goes with it can be exciting, it can be exhausting too. The opportunity to return home each weekend will allow you to recharge in familiar surrounds and spent time with family and friends.

  1. Avoiding joining the ranks of Australia’s mega commuters will save you a lot of time and even unhappiness

The number of hours Australians spend commuting is on the rise, both generally and at the extremes.

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics estimates about 2 million Australians commute for 90 minutes or more each day in 2016, many of them in Melbourne and Sydney.

Apart from the obvious additional time that you would gain from avoiding long daily commutes that you could better spend studying, working, exercising or even sleeping, you would avoid the stress and unhappiness associated with long commutes. As a number of studies have found, long daily commutes can impact life satisfaction, happiness and relationships.[i]

Weekday accommodation may just be one of the easier decisions facing you as you embark on the next chapter!



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