Monday to Friday lodgers are the world’s best flatmates.

According to a recent survey* an estimated one in five Australians are turning to the sharing economy for additional income, with the average income from sharing platforms amounting to about $7,300 a year.

So, if ferrying around strangers for extra cash isn’t your thing or you don’t fancy pet sitting someone’s cat or pooch, perhaps renting a room to the world’s most perfect flatmate might suit?

High property prices and “mega commutes” have created a market in Australia for Monday-to-Friday lettings that have been popular in London for over a decade. There are growing numbers of people who need a second home near their workplace during the week but want to return to their family home on weekends.

The arrangement suits both sides. Besides being able to earn extra income from letting out a room as a weekday landlord, you will probably barely see your tenant who tends to work long hours during the week. Then the house is yours own again for the weekend!

So, is this the world’s most perfect sharing arrangement?

  1. This is a very good option for someone who is new to room letting (or likes their personal space) as landlords typically retain much more of their own space. No one turns up with a van full of belongings and no one clutters up your space with lovely “nick-nacks”.
  2. The lodger is normally only going to be there a for maximum of 5 nights and early mornings each week. You get your room back on weekends and holidays, although you might reasonably allow the lodger to keep some non-valuable possessions in your home over the weekend.
  3. This type of lodger is not looking for a home but a place to stay close to work during the week, thus avoiding issues arising in a full-time live-in let situation, such as lodger’s overnight guests.
  4. As the lodger is likely to be in full-time employment, the rent should not be an issue. Midweek room lets often attract reliable professionals, especially if you have a well presented and comfortable home near the city.
  5. The lodger might receive a meal allowance from the employer and may eat out a lot, further reducing the amount of time spent in your home and using your kitchen. Or if you prefer, your lodger may even pitch in on the weekly Hello Fresh order – it’s up to you!

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*Source: survey of 2010 Australians