Rising property prices in Australian cities and longer commutes have seen the launch of Monday-to-Friday living. Savvy Australian landlords can now accommodate ‘weekly professional boarders’ who rent in the city during the week and go home on weekends.

With property prices on the rise in capital cities and traffic congestion a constant frustration, many people are struggling to find a balance between work and home. It is a problem evident in many capital cities around the world so that the concept of Monday-to-Friday lodging evolved in London a decade ago.

Landlords can now host a professional lodger Monday to Friday

In order to have the best of both worlds, thousands of ‘weekly boarders’ rent in London during the week and head home to more affordable or desirable environments on the weekends.

Many professionals find their weeks consumed by commuting, meetings and after-work engagements with little time for leisure and family.

The concept of a “split” life where people may have a larger home in a desirable location and then board weekly in the city is akin to the “pied-à-terre” of old and offers opportunities for lodgers and landlords alike.

The ‘weekday lodger’ has all the benefits of a regular home during the week, good company and proximity to work without the cost of a nightly hotel stay.

Monday to Friday landlords gain a steady stream of weekly income, a lodger who has no need for a van load of possessions and weekends to themselves.

The proposition is very attractive with thousands of landlords in London advertising Monday to Friday properties online. WeekDay Space is the only Monday to Friday rentals website set up specifically to cater for Monday to Friday Landlords and Lodgers in Australia.






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